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Giuseppe Giovanni NUCERA
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Giuseppe Giovanni Nucera from over 20 years experienced in accounting, finance, International Tax planning and tax litigation. He is bankruptcy trustee for Milan court and auditor in several companies, also listed to Italian market.

He is passionate about what he does, and loves to help people. For him nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests, and an organization that values its employees.

Degree Economics

Degree Startup & Business Models

Degree Law services

Degree cum laude Economics, Technology & Innovation

Degree cum laude Management Engineering
Master Science Degree Corporate Tax

Master Tax Litigation

Master Bankruptcy

Master M&A

Researcher and PhD

Certification, Chartered accountant
Certification, Statutory auditor

Certified Innovation Manager

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Lawyer authorized to represent clients in the highest court of the land, the Corte di Cassazione. Possesses extensive experience in legal practice and deep knowledge of the law. To become a "patrocinante in cassazione," a lawyer must have several years of legal experience and pass a rigorous exam.

These lawyer is expert in appealing cases to the Corte di Cassazione, often dealing with complex legal issues or relevant points of law. He is skilled in interpreting legal texts and precedents and are adept at crafting persuasive legal arguments. His role is crucial in ensuring that lower court decisions comply with the law and that legal standards are consistently applied across the country.​

                       Wei Liang, Corporate Lawyer

Bio: Wei Liang is a seasoned corporate lawyer based in Beijing, China. With over 15 years of experience, Wei specializes in international trade law, intellectual property rights, and corporate mergers. Fluent in Mandarin and English, he has facilitated numerous cross-border transactions and has represented a range of multinational corporations.

                           Elif Kaya, Tax Consultant


Bio: Elif Kaya is a prominent tax consultant in Istanbul, Turkey. She has a decade of experience in tax planning and compliance for both domestic and international clients. Her expertise lies in navigating the complex Turkish tax system, particularly for foreign investors and expatriates.

                          Alexei Ivanov, Business Consultant


Bio: Based in Moscow, Alexei Ivanov is a business consultant specializing in market entry strategies and operational efficiency. With his deep understanding of Russian business culture and economic policies, Alexei has successfully advised numerous European companies in establishing their presence in Russia.




                      Aisha Al-Abdullah, Financial Advisor


Bio: Aisha Al-Abdullah is a Doha-based financial advisor known for her expertise in wealth management and investment strategies tailored for the Middle Eastern market. With over 12 years in the finance sector, Aisha's clientele includes high-net-worth individuals and family businesses in the Gulf region.




                      Khalid Al-Harthy, Environmental Consultant


Bio: Khalid Al-Harthy is an environmental consultant in Muscat, Oman, focusing on sustainable development and renewable energy projects. His work primarily involves advising government entities and corporations on eco-friendly practices and compliance with environmental regulations.




                      Sara Al-Mazrouei, HR Consultant


Bio: Based in Dubai, Sara Al-Mazrouei is a human resources consultant specializing in organizational development and talent management. She works with various multinational companies in the UAE, helping them to build effective teams and enhance their HR practices.


                      Abdullah Al-Fahad, Energy Consultant

                      Saudi Arabia

Bio: Abdullah Al-Fahad is an energy consultant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His expertise lies in oil and gas sector strategies, and he has played a significant role in advising on energy policies and sustainability initiatives in the Kingdom.

                      James O'Connor, Litigation Attorney

                      London, UK

Bio: James O'Connor is a London-based litigation attorney specializing in commercial disputes and intellectual property law. With a career spanning over 18 years, James has represented clients in high-profile cases in both the UK and European courts.



                      Emily Parker, Immigration Lawyer


Bio: Emily Parker is an immigration lawyer in New York, USA. She has extensive experience in helping individuals and families navigate the complex U.S. immigration system, including visa applications, naturalization, and asylum cases.




                      Marc Dupont, Tax Accountant


Bio: Marc Dupont, based in Toronto, is a certified tax accountant with a focus on international tax law. He assists Canadian and international clients with tax planning, compliance, and resolving disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency.

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