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Contracts, Mergers, Business Law

We are able to provide qualified assistance in every aspect of commercial law. We provide advice in the field of contracts, shareholder agreements, company constitution, administrative assistance, Merger and Acquisition and oteher business combination activity.


The firm provides assistance both in the management of out-of-court relationships and in the performance of ordinary and special judicial proceedings, as well as national and international arbitration, and in the use of alternative dispute resolution instruments, with particular regard to conciliation and mediation.

Property Disputes, Personal Injury


Tax autohrities relationship, judicial procedures

The tax litigation is a judicial proceeding concerning the tax disputes between the tax payer and the tax authorities.

Our experts have gained a significant experience in assisting customers both in pre-litigation with the financial administration and in litigation in every degree of judgment.

The firm also provides preventive opinions in relation to the correct application of tax laws.


Estate Management, Property Management, Mortgages

We support our clients in the delicate moment of the "generational" passage. A step where the organization and planning take place in an essential role, that is to control the transmission of assets, both corporate and personal, in anticipation of the moment in which the holder will be missing. It is a delicate phase to plan and in the smallest details, in order to reach the wishes of one's client.

We have also developed specific skills in the field of Property Law and Real Estate, concentrating a large part of our activities in the management and protection of assets both as corporate assets and management of private assets. We follow our clients in the forced execution of real estate throughout the national territory, using a network of trusted correspondents.


Pre bankruptcy procedures, judicial procedures

The bankruptcy proceedings are a series of procedures (such as bankruptcy, creditors and bankruptcy agreements) that aim to provide a solution to the state of crisis of a commercial company by regulating relations with creditors. The main regulation of bankruptcy proceedings is contained in the Royal Decree of 16 March 1942, n. 267 (c.d. Bankruptcy Law).


Innovative startups, crowdfunding

Thanks to the experience gained in the startup field we are able to offer integrated professional services with high added value for those wishing to set up a new initiative using the tool of innovative startups.


We can provide qualified assistance in finding financing for your company. both through the traditional banking channel, either through investment funds, subsidized finance or equity-crowdfunding campaigns.

Business plan, financial network


Statutory Auditors, SOX, GDPR, Risk Management

We help to comply with rules or standards; in companies, regulatory compliance indicates compliance with specific provisions issued by the legislator, by sector authorities, by certification bodies as well as by internal regulations for the companies themselves.

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