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Strategic, Operational and M&A Advisory

Aggiornamento: 25 mag 2018

Corporate and portfolio growth through acquisition and merger is a complex process requiring strong diligence, a well-conceived strategy, deep background intelligence, insights, experienced leadership and effective risk management. An entity’s intrinsic value, synergistic capabilities and future prospects must be effectively understood to help ensure delivery of targeted benefits and the highest possible return to company stakeholders.

Our multi-disciplined approach includes extensive due diligence and financial analysis/modeling; strategic and operational assessments of companies and counterparties; market and customer assessments to assist in valuation analysis; assisting counsel and financial brokers with the negotiation of letters of intent and purchase agreements; counterparty bid assessments and analyses; capital structure and financing advisory; and business intelligence, geopolitical assessments and background intelligence, provided through our dedicated Business Intelligence division which includes former FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security special agents.

Mackinac Partners provides post-transaction services to help companies integrate holdings, harness core synergies, and streamline operational and financial performance beginning immediately after deal closing, when synergies and streamlining are most successfully accomplished.

We also provide CEO, CFO, COO and CRO Interim Management to help companies, Private Equity firms and Hedge Funds manage the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, sell-side transactions, and liquidations. Our expertise includes complex transactions such as leveraged buy-outs, IPOs, mergers, reverse mergers.

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